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Power Generation, Operation, Control 2e by Allen J. Wood: A Comprehensive Guide with Solutions

note[(generated matching go code)] a port of the solution manual from the first edition for power generation operation control 2e available at the web2project - web based electrical engineering softwareengineering manual site.



first things first, you will need to obtain the data model as described in the manual. to do this, you will need to get wikipedia - geometric modelgeometric model , create a new project, and save it as an .nre (e.g. nre-powergen). save the default project to the hard drive (it is named .nre by default). next, copy the engine/tutorial_power.nre file, and rename it to .nre. next, load it into geomatica, and save to the hard drive.

note the data file contains necessary values to load it into geomatica, such as the start, finish and value variables. assuming the data model is in your .nre file, you could simply load it with the following command:

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