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Yeah it is...As you said, most of the comments are either help requests or spam, and page edits consist mostly of Matt6969 updating the Wiiware listing.Good news is that download counts are healthy :) Most downloaded IOS is IOS249 v65280 (no clue why people want this). Most downloaded channel is Netflix with 5668 downloads.Also, I got time to try out all those dev channels:* NMenu is an official wad manager* NWC24Editor is a tool for downloading files with WC24, sending/receiving Wiimail, changing your wii friend code, and editing the friend roster.* WMP Movie Tool lets you mark the WM+ movie (that one that runs the first time you play a WM+ game) as watched or unwatched.* Disc Check and Menu Uninstaller have been around for a while, and do as their names imply.

Download 3612 Upgrade Tool rar



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