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My Valentine Crush !!HOT!!

Welcome to Mermaids Valentine Crush. Mermaids Valentine Crush is a platformer puzzle game. Help the mermaid couple to celebrate valentine's. Here you must defeat a range of traps and tricky situations and reach the end of level 30. Tap to jump. Play and have fun!

My Valentine Crush

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- Well hey there, welcome to another episode of "Fake It Till You Make It." We're not just doing our regular project. We are going to do a crafting competition by making our own Valentine's for our celebrity crushes.

OK, first, take a deep breath. It appears you've made the decision to finally tell your crush how you feel about them. Major props to you. Getting past that hurdle in your brain is the hardest part, I promise. And in today's technologically-driven society, you won't even have to do it in person. Even better, there are a bunch of options for texts to send your crush on Valentine's Day that'll make coming forward with your confession way less intimidating.

But why profess your feelings on Valentine's Day? It might seem cliched, but there's a lot going for those crushing on Feb. 14. In lieu of that cutesy idea of a little winged cherub flying about, hitting soon-to-be lovers with Cupid's arrow, there really is something to be said for the undeniable romance of the day. All those chocolates, roses, heart decorations, and talk of love just about force your mind to go there, whether you're single or coupled up.

Plus, you might have your crush right where you want them if they're single on V-Day. According to Daily Mail, researchers say the surge in lovey-dovey couples everywhere can make people feel pretty lonely. While I'd never advocate taking advantage of someone's lonely heart to win their affections, telling someone you dig them on Valentine's Day could be the welcomed romantic outreach they're craving.

Asking your crush out on Valentine's Day might seem pretty bold, but no one wants to sit in alone when everyone else is out celebrating their love. It'll likely be a very appreciated invitation (and an opportunity for a romantic date).

Maybe your crush doesn't live near you, or has existing plans (hopefully platonic ones). Letting them know that you wish you were with them on a day dedicated to love sends a clear message: You want more than friendship.

You may be worried that your crush will think you're only texting them because you're feeling lonely on Valentine's Day. So let them know that's not the case! Plus, telling someone you can't stop thinking about them is just about the ultimate romantic line.

Here's hoping Cupid's arrow hits where you want it to, but in case it doesn't, look on the bright side: If your crush doesn't reciprocate, you've now got a full 364 days before you have to face Feb. 14 again.

The day makes most singles go crazy with anxiousness and anticipation. On the one hand, it makes you consider the endless possibilities of how to ask a girl to be your valentine; on the other, it makes you fret about ending up alone on that day.

You should at least ask her to be your valentine a week before. It will give her enough time to think about it and plan things out. Also, it will assure her that asking her was not a last-minute decision, which will make her feel extra special.

If you are trying to figure out how to ask a girl to be your valentine, know that you never go wrong with a handwritten note. In it you can express your feelings towards the girl that you like.

Flowers may seem cliche but they are still the best way to ask a girl to be your valentine. You can find out her favorite flower and then get an arrangement made just for her. It will make her feel cherished and valued by you.

When you are trying to figure out how to ask a girl to be your valentine, why not cook or bake something delicious for her. She will say yes to your proposal when she sees that you have made efforts and made something delicious just for her.

A way to make spending time with you appealing to your crush, send her a flirty message that showcases your sense of humor. If you make her laugh, you will lower her walls and she will look forward to being your valentine.

Get something nice delivered to her home or workplace, with a note attached. In the note, you can ask your crush to be your valentine in a heartfelt way. They will not be expecting it and that would make it more memorable.

You can make a grand gesture and impress her with how far you are willing to go to impress her. Or you can pick heartfelt or creative ways to ask a girl to be your valentine. These would move her and make her realize that you really like her.

A heart keychain. A keychain offers a little reminder of your love each day. You can find adorable keychain photo frames or craft ideas for making a one-of-a-kind heart keychain for your valentine.

A Punny Invitation. The only thing better than a funny invitation is a "punny" one. Write a note inside a themed card asking your sweetie on a date with homemade banana bread & card that says, "I'm bananas for you." Or a highlighter and note that says, "You're the highlight of my life. Will you be my valentine?" Or, an adorable construction pop-up card featuring a digger truck that says, "I dig you."

So, when you wonder how to ask someone to be your valentine, remember: there are many ways to say Happy Valentine's Day, but the best way is from the heart. A beautiful Lovepop pop-up card from our Valentine's Day collection is the perfect way to say, "I love you!" to your valentine this year. 041b061a72


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