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Count Of Monte Cristo Summary Pdf Free EXCLUSIVE

Benedetto is sentenced to the galleys with Caderousse. After Benedetto and Caderousse are freed by Dantès, using the alias "Lord Wilmore," the Count induces Benedetto to take the identity of "Viscount Andrea Cavalcanti" and introduces him into Parisian society. Andrea ingratiates himself to Danglars, who betroths his daughter Eugénie to Andrea, not knowing they are half-siblings, after cancelling her engagement to Albert. Meanwhile, Caderousse blackmails Andrea, threatening to reveal his past if he does not share his newfound wealth. Cornered by "Abbé Busoni" while attempting to rob the Count's house, Caderousse begs to be given another chance. Dantès forces him to write a letter to Danglars exposing Cavalcanti as an impostor and allowing Caderousse to leave the house. The moment Caderousse leaves the estate, he is stabbed by Andrea. Caderousse dictates a deathbed statement identifying his killer, and the Count reveals his true identity to Caderousse moments before he dies.

count of monte cristo summary pdf free

The festa was magnificent; not only was the villa brilliantlyilluminated, but thousands of colored lanterns were suspended from the trees inthe garden; and very soon the palace overflowed to the terraces, and theterraces to the garden-walks. At each cross-path was an orchestra, and tablesspread with refreshments; the guests stopped, formed quadrilles, and danced inany part of the grounds they pleased. Carmela was attired like a woman ofSonnino. Her cap was embroidered with pearls, the pins in her hair were of goldand diamonds, her girdle was of Turkey silk, with large embroidered flowers,her bodice and skirt were of cashmere, her apron of Indian muslin, and thebuttons of her corset were of jewels. Two of her companions were dressed, theone as a woman of Nettuno, and the other as a woman of La Riccia. Four youngmen of the richest and noblest families of Rome accompanied them with thatItalian freedom which has not its parallel in any other country in the world.They were attired as peasants of Albano, Velletri, Civita-Castellana, and Sora.We need hardly add that these peasant costumes, like those of the young women,were brilliant with gold and jewels.


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