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Master Of None

The show's title alludes to the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none"[11] and was originally suggested by Ansari.[12] The series later incorporated a song of the same name by Beach House.[13][14] Ansari said it took months to come up with the show's title and he and Yang did not agree on it until all of the episodes were completed.[15]

Master of None

The remarkable element of Master of None is that none of this comes off like a preachy after-school special or the "fair and balanced" facade of a certain cable news network. Instead, the show carries a strong sense of empathy for all of its characters, each of whom is allowed to be a unique individual with their own hopes, dreams, worries and motivations. Rachel isn't merely a Manic Pixie Dream Girl for Dev to court; she's going through much of the same soul-searching he is, trying to figure out if she wants to give up her career ambitions for a "normal" adult life.

Throughout its two masterful seasons, Master of None hosted a plethora of talented guest stars. Today, we examine the 10 best guest stars of Master of None, ranked. Note: Although Master of None features other wonderful stars like H. Jon Benjamin (Archer) and Noël Wells (Saturday Night Live), we will only be mentioning stars with less notable roles for this list. Comedian Andy Samberg does a voice-over cameo in the season two episode "New York, I Love You," which will also be excluded. 041b061a72


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