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TR EXTENDED MAP V1.2.2 1.40.X Fix

Linux distributions typically release security updates to fix vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel. Many offer long-term support releases that receive security updates for a certain Linux kernel version for an extended period of time.


The aria-details attribute references a single element that provides more detailed information than would normally be provided by aria-describedby. It enables assistive technologies to make users aware of the availability of an extended description as well as navigate to it. Authors SHOULD ensure the element referenced by aria-details is visible to all users.

Unlike elements referenced by aria-describedby, the element referenced by aria-details is not used in either the Accessible Name Computation or the Accessible Description Computation as defined in the Accessible Name and Description specification [accname-aam-1.1]. Thus, the content of an element referenced by aria-details is not flattened to a string when presented to assistive technology users. This makes aria-details particularly useful when converting the information to a string would cause a loss of information or make the extended description more difficult to understand.

A common use for aria-details is in digital publishing where an extended description needs to be conveyed in a book that requires structural markup or the embedding of other technology to provide illustrative content. The following example demonstrates this scenario. 041b061a72


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