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How To Hack An Iphone Password With Mac LINK

If you have multiple passwords, you can't tell which password you should use when you look at your notes in the Notes list. When you open a note locked by your old password but enter your current password, you'll see an alert that you entered the wrong password with a hint for your old one. If you then enter the correct old password, you get the option to update that note's password to your current one.

How To Hack An Iphone Password With Mac


Here's a solution I found to this problem: I had all of my locked notes on my phone and had forgotten the password in order to access them on my mac. The only way I was able to fix it was to reset my password for future notes and then, using my touch ID on my phone, cut and paste the notes into a new note with the new password. I hope that helped. That is what solved the problem for me.

iCloud account hacks, and subsequent distribution of photos, emails, texts. This forum is not the bibliography section of a non-fiction book. Snobbish use of semantics does not further impress your knowledge, rather shows lack there of. Why are you here if you don't have a solution to the problem or something to point out in light of the context. Google is a good source, start with that.

We use so many passwords for different accounts today. It's natural to get mixed up and sometimes even forget iPhone passcodes. It's no surprise that one of the most searched questions online are of people asking, "Is there any way to unlock iPhone passcode without losing data?"

Well, my phone originally always worked with me while backing up, still does, my dilemma is, I decided to see what this encryption thing would do. So, I checked the box to encrypt back up files and it ask for a password, that's when I created a password. I backed up my iphone 3gs and checked the back up files, in at least the ones that were ledgable and they no longer were ledgable, they were all encrypted. I thought, cool. I then went back to decrypt the files and now the password does not work. I tried to un-check the encrypt box for my phone and it ask for the password, no biggie right? I mean I just created it so as to protect and encrypt my back up, I go to decrypt it and I cannot do it. So I guess unless I reset my phone the back up is encrypted forever, although I dont understand that since I was the one who created the password to encrypt it. I think apple dropped the ball here on this one. I still can back up the phone and well, I wish now it wasn't encrypted now, Oh well, any answers would be appreciated.

Hey guys, i had the exact same problem. I didn't even remembered setting a password and tried evererything i could "remember". But then, as last hope, i tried my UNLOCKING CODE (the one that you put to unlock and use your device) with 4 numbers and... IT WORKED!!! I don't know if i set that before but you might try it. Hope it works for you!

I know there are a lot of answers here and I have tried them all with no luck. I also did not have a password set for my backups and it still asks me for one. Similarly I had a lot of important texts and photos that I need to get back. Emails and contacts are ok as I have restored from google.

I have tried all my old passwords and the ones suggested here "0000", "1234", etc., tried the Elcom password finder which came up with "No password found" on the backup file which makes sense since there was never one set but this doesn't help as I am still having no luck and still am asked for a password for the backup. I can't put no password in as without something the only option is to cancel the backup request. Anyone have another possible answer?

Hi elabianca, look in your Keychain Access app, in your Utilities folder. Launch it, search for "iphone backup", and chances are you'll get a match. Open the item, click "show password" and enter your Mac system password.

I wish it were as easy as everyone says. I just switched carriers from AT&T to Verizon so I had to get a new phone. I backed up my fiancee's phone because she has had an iPhone for a few years. I once put in a pass code on the phone to see how it works. Needless to say, she has never used the passcode feature. I've backed up the phone before and restored it before but NEVER ran into this problem. Now with the photos of her mom, who passed away in February, in the backup protected by a password from five years ago I'm totally lost! I paid Apple support $19 to hear them say sorry we can't help you. Are you sure you've tried every password? Yes. Yes, I have. Now it looks like I try a password cracker program for $199 because it's my last hope. And people get so ****** about the big Windows coporation--Apple isn't any much better. It just breaks my heart to see her these last couple of days and know I F'd up because I was just trying to get her information from one phone to another. If I had only stuck with AT&T we would have never had to backup the phone.

I had to replace the device, as a Pelican case failed & the device got wet & was ruined. All the data is in the encrypted backup. Without being able to restore from it, I will have no data. I need the data. There has to be a way to hack it, determine the password with a password cracker...something. Does anyone know of a password cracker that works on iTunes on a Mac?

I firmly believe that this is a real problem and he hasnt just "forgotten" the password. I keep up with my stuff. I wouldn't forget something like this. (plus, I use one of 4 passwords for everything--NEVER had any exceptions even for my phone.) there is a glitch somewhere in the system.

How about the situation that one does not want to retrieve the backup but simply want to make a new backup without using a passwrd, i.e. getting rid of the backups that do contain a password and simply make a new backup without a password.

I hope you have already got your staff from Iphone back. I almost got insane yesterday after I erase everything to unlock my Iphone from AT&T. I did not remember set a password for the backup and when i tried to restore to the backup, it kept asking me for password. I have tried everything possible. Then I found it is the the first pin I set to unlock the screen, after a very depresed day since yesterday afternoon. The curerent pin won't work if you have changed it since you set up your iphone initially. I hope this helps. I am decided to use Android and now I am firm. No more iphone or any other apple product.

I would also like to say that APPLE needs to fix this problem. People keep saying that you should remember your passwords which is true but it should be made clear that you are setting up a password if they did at all. I just found out that the password to sync your iPhone is the first 4 digit passcode that you used to lock your phone. Yes, it's very stupid that they did this but I hope that this help future people with this problem.

I would like to throw my hat in the ring on this. My friend is trying to restore a backup file with very important data on it. The problem is, she never added a password to encrypt her backups, but yet it's asking her for a password. She is very sharp and assures me, that she knows all her passwords, but in this case she never used or entered one and yet it asks her for password that as far as she is concerned does not exist. This is strange, I believe there is something going on with some of these backups. Hope there are some answers soon.

No luck for me yet but I am getting the feeling that it will be the password put on by the company I worked for who originally purchased the phone rather than anything I would have used so I am still chasing up with them. Will update if I have any luck. Very annoying and dissappointing that Apple can't answer the question.

If you encrypt an iPhone backup in iTunes and then forget your password, you will not be able to restore from backup and your data will be unrecoverable. If you forget the password you can continue to do backups and use the device, however you will not be able to restore the encrypted backup to any device without the password. You do not need to enter the password for your backup each time you back up or sync. If you cannot remember the password and want to start again, you will have to do a full software restore and when prompted by iTunes to select the backup to restore from, choose Set up as a new device. But first, delete all iPhone backups listed under iTunes>Preferences>Devices.

You won't be able to use previous encrypted backups, but you can back up your current data using iTunes and setting a new backup password.If you have a device with iOS 10 or earlier, you can't reset the password. In this case, try the following:


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