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[FS] Patch FR : Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 |BEST|

the famas is a 3 round burst assault rifle. it fires at 530 rpm and a weak bullet speed of 342 ft/s. it is relatively easy to control and aim. the famas has recoil values of 35 to the left, 35 to the right, 50 upwards, and 30 downwards. the famas' horizontal recoil is somewhat asymmetrical. that is, when you switch from right to left or vice-versa, it will be about twice the recoil you experienced from the other direction. this means that with minimal practice, one can quickly learn to reliably alternate between the two sides.

[FS] Patch FR : Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


the famas is a useful weapon in cod4 due to its high rate of fire, accurate shots, and 5-round burst. unfortunately, it has a couple of glaring issues. for one, it has low torso hit points, and low damage per second. it can also be hard to aim, as the rate of fire is a bit slow, even for a burst weapon. this is why the famas is best used for short-range shots.

the famas mod is a variant of the famas, it is obtained in the arms cache in mission 6.1 and later. it has the ability to obtain 100 rounds per magazine for every burst - the regular famas has 30, and it's an automatic. the mod has a reduced rate of fire, only being able to fire four shots per burst, with an average rate of 500 rpm. the rate of fire is a bit faster than the usm and m4a1. it also has a reduced bullet speed, at 330 ft/s, and has recoil values of 50 upwards, 45 downwards, and 35 to the left, 35 to the right. additionally, the fire rate can be held in burst mode - thus allowing the user to fire four rounds per tap of the trigger. this is a huge leap in the right direction, but the downside is that the rate of fire is still quite slow, as opposed to the high rate of fire of the regular famas, not to mention the usm.


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