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Cenerentola (2011) Subtitles

Known for its scripted soap operas known as telenovelas, La Cenicienta is unscripted. Popularity of the unscripted La Cenicienta increased to English-speaking viewers with Telemundo's introduction of English subtitles. Ms. Minerva Ruvalcaba is herself on La Cenicienta. Ms. Ruvalcaba is a real-life Cinderella seeking true love. She is courted by 20 potential Los Pretendientes (The Suitors) of various age, ethnicity, and occupation. In the show, Ms. Ruvalcaba's dates with the suitors are chaperoned by her Madrina (godmother) Eva Tamargo Lemus. Ms. Lemus is best known in NBC's Passions daytime TV drama. Ms. Ruvalcaba is advised by an astrologer, her two best friends, and a priest in the selection of Prince Charming.[2]

Cenerentola (2011) subtitles

In The Met: Live in HD, robotic cameras, strategically placed around and behind the stage, capture the beauty and power of live performance from striking angles, and heighten attention to both performance and production. Intermission features and English subtitles bring the stories to life.

Each opera is sung in its original language with English subtitles and features the acclaimed San Francisco Opera Orchestra and Chorus (Ian Robertson, Chorus Director). Media sponsorship for these broadcasts is provided by Denise Littlefield Sobel, in memory of her mother Jeannik Méquet Littlefield.

CinderellaWith an open heart and determination, Cinderella triumphs over her mean-spirited relatives. The opera is sung in Italian with English subtitles and is recommended for ages 7 and up. View the trailer for this movie!

Here's one of the most famous fairy tales of all, "Cinderella." The Italian, "La Cenerentola" comes from the noun la cenere (ash, ashes, cinder). See how much you can understand without the English subtitles!

Opera Naples and the Opera Naples Chorus and Orchestra will bring to life this tragic tale of jealousy and adultery that first premiered at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan in 1892. This two-act opera features an exceptional story about life as a circus performer and will incorporate real circus acts into the performance through a unique collaboration with Circus Sarasota. Opera Naples' 'I Pagliacci' will be performed in Italian with English subtitles.

As usual, it is lovely to see this available on YouTube (the full opera, with English subtitles, appears below) but how more satisfying to have the electrifyingly clear Bluray version coming through one's loudspeakers? 041b061a72


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