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there are two types of effects i use, on/off and react/non-react. react/non-react effects are subtle, like the play-by-play effect i used on the first and second cards. i only use them in rare cases where a simple on/off does not achieve the effect i want, like the neon sign and dial-up modem glitch at the very end of the second card.

monster box provides the developers a simple but effective way to auto convert files. featuring advanced technology developed over five years, monster box can automatically convert any format like png, jpg, gif, psd, dcs, mp3 and more into any format including html, flash and multimedia files. compared to other solutions monster box is advanced and supports more formats. monster box is free to use.

in the mario franchise, koopa troopas are the main species of villainous creatures. they attack mario and luigi in 3d platform games, using a shell that houses them. koopa troopas are depicted as large, bipedal, reptile-like creatures with big toothy snouts, and a distinct black shell for its body, commonly a pair of identical shells that extend and retract at the same time. koopa troopas are able to crawl up short walls and across ceilings, and are usually extremely vulnerable to attacks from the fire element of the fire flower. in the mario franchise, the koopa troopa is always the final boss of the game. koopa troopas sometimes are depicted to have a few beetle-like antennae, and the retractable pair of shells may be colored differently than their main shell, green, yellow, or purple. in the super mario bros. games, they appear as enemies, obstacle, or appear as the final boss, depending on the games. 3 game, the koopa troopa bros. (kendama kong and tiny kong) are one of the main opponents of the player in the game. in mario kart 8, koopas appear as a special type of vehicle as well. 3d9ccd7d82


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