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Ratemy Tranny

There are tons of sites out there where you can rate whether or not someone is hot, how smart they are, who has the biggest tits and even who has the best singing voice or talent. Well this site brings a whole new rating system for trannys. Rate My Tranny is a site where chicks with dicks are the ones under the microscope for inspection. Some of these girls are hotter than others, while some should wipe of the make-up and continue living as a man because they have fooled no one. Whether you like a tranny who looks identical to a chick or one that resembles a man with really hot tits, this site has got what you crave.

ratemy tranny


You will also have access to over 175 movies that are average looking, but some as a bonus with your membership. They do not follow the same scheme as the site, but they are definitely worth checking out. The videos on the main site can be downloaded in a superior HD format that looks fantastic. In addition to all of this tranny action, you will get access to bonus galleries and videos that reach across the spectrum of porn and do not focus on anything except straight hardcore fucking. 041b061a72


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