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Buy Jewelry Houston

We are proud to be Houston's leading source for buying and selling rare coins, currency, gold and silver bullion, loose diamonds and gemstones, estate jewelry, Rolex and Swiss watches and so much more.

buy jewelry houston

Sell your jewelry and diamonds in Houston, or stop by to shop our wide selection of fine, antique, and estate jewelry pieces. We have over 30 years of experience assessing diamonds and gemstones as GIA certified graduates.

Nearly every household has old gold pieces or fine jewelry lying around that is out of style or no longer wearable. Selling your gold to a trusted jeweler like Houston Jewelry is one of the best and most practical ways to achieve the highest value. Have a broken gold chain? We will buy it! Lose an earring and now only have one? We will buy it! Have an old ring that is terribly dated? We will buy that! Have a wedding band from a past marriage? We know you don't want that!! Old gold fillings? We will buy it!! If it is gold we will buy it! Have old silver flatware or silver plated flatware? We will even buy that! Not only do you receive a great monetary reimbursement, we get the chance to recycle old precious metals into beautiful new creations that are eco friendly!

We're happy to evaluate any piece of old gold, silver, and platinum with our state of the art precious metal analyzer technology. Houston Jewelry is one of the only precious metals buyers to use Thermo Scientific Niton XRF to accurately assay every piece of precious metal, and not rely on the highly subjective, and often inaccurate acid testing methods. Once evaluated, we'll determine the fairest price for you based on the current spot price of precious metals. In addition, if you trade in your old diamonds & precious metals toward new fine jewelry, you'll get up to 50% MORE than our already-market-leading cash price! You won't find a better deal at any other gold buyer in Houston, TX.

Please don't forget, Houston Jewelry accepts more than just fine jewelry in good condition. We also accept broken jewelry, dental gold, watches and collector's items like coins. Bring in any of your old gold items for evaluation by our professional precious metal buyers.

We offer 150% of the cash value when you trade in your old gold & broken jewelry towards the purchase new fine jewelry. No one else offers this. So if you have old dated jewelry you just wont wear anymore, why not trade it in for something fresh and fashionable.

We cater to women with extraordinary luxury handbags, jewelry, watches, crystal, and other treasures. Of course, we have luxury watches, cufflinks, rings, belt buckles, jewelry, and art for men too.We do not deal in guns, ammunition, electronics or tools.By design, we are not an e-commerce business so we do not have an online store or ship our treasures.Want to view our treasures? Follow us on Instagram or become a Facebook fan! Even better, we invite you to visit our store and actually touch and model our treasures in front of our gigantic mirror! Visit our 8,000 square foot store located merely 1.8 miles west of Houston Galleria between Fountain View and Voss to get a quick cash loan, sell directly to us or find a treasure to love.

Need your ring sized, a necklace clasp repaired or a remount? Want a uniquely designed engagement ring or to convert the stones in your grandmother's ring to a pendant? Our in-store Master Jeweler and jewelry repair staff are at your service! No appointment necessary.

Sell or pawn your estate jewelry & unwanted, out of style, never wear, don't know what to do with gold, platinum & sterling silver jewelry - place settings, flatware, hollowware & serving pieces too! You walk out with cash on the spot!No appointment necessary.

"The jewelry displays are BEYOND belief; seriously, this is the stuff dreams are made of! Not only are there pieces that I would happily sell my house and maybe an organ or two for, there are also plenty of items to fit in any budget. If you are ever wanting to treat yourself to a piece of jewelry to mark a special occasion or just *because*, stop here first. I'm pretty sure you won't need to look anywhere else."

The International Gem & Jewelry Show is America's longest running, direct-to-consumer jewelry trade shows. Shop directly from manufacturers, wholesalers and designers in a marketplace setting for the largest selection at the lowest prices.

Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome you to browse through our extensive selection of items and also for more information on our services of loaning, buying, selling and even trading of goods. We have a certified gemologist on-site to evaluate those who are looking to buy and sell gold, diamond, and fine watches. We are a well stocked jewelry store and pawn shop in the heart of Houston Texas and we look forward to your business.

Throughout decades of evolving trends, jewelry has never gone out of style. Layered necklaces, stacked rings and bracelets, and even statement earrings have always been necessary to complete a daily look.

Dainty jewelry is officially trendy, and Burdlife is a key destination for the favored look. The vibrant brand is perfect for everyday wear with pieces such as the braided semi hoop or the adaline Initial bracelet. These may be small but will enhance any outfit with a touch of elegance. Burdlife also offers permanent accessories that ensure your favorite bracelet or necklace is forever attached.

Houston Jewelry dates to 1953, when Rex Solomon's grandparents Abe "Honey" and Margaret Donsky opened downtown as Houston Wholesale Jewelers. A full-service jewelry store specializing in diamond and bridal jewelry, Houston Jewelry at 9521 Westheimer will celebrate its 60th anniversary next month.

A: The biggest trend in the last decade is the shift to buying from the public. It's a result of the recession, when there was a huge decline in the demand for luxury goods. Jewelers started buying scrap jewelry from the public, and it's saved countless businesses across the country. Over the past five years, we've bought thousands of karats of melee diamonds, which are small diamonds. Now 60 percent of the time with products in our store, we are either the manufacturer or we contract out, and we can now sell quality products at a lower cost by lowering the cost of the materials.

A: So far this year, we're off to a good start. In 2012, retail sales were great until the second week of October. There was a definite mood change then. There was a significant amount of anxiety over the fiscal cliff. Fortunately we're now less susceptible to the boom and bust cycles since we also buy jewelry now.

A: Say in one day we buy $30,000 worth of jewelry. From that, 50 karats of melee may come out of it, and the bulk of it will be gold. It's all about turning that. We pay the public 85 to 95 percent of the market price of spot gold and then sell to a refiner for 97 to 98 percent of the market price. With some of that gold, we don't sell to the refiners - we pay them to give us back refined gold, which will be remade into jewelry. It's a win-win for the buyer who sells to us or buys from us, and it's a win for us. We're one of the largest individual buyers of scrap jewelry from one location in town.

A: Sometimes our promotion ideas come somewhat by accident. Seven years ago, I was offered a newspaper ad discount on the day after Christmas, which is usually a bad day for retail. So I came up with "One day only, 75 percent off all jewelry" sale. My thinking was: We are taxed on what's on hand on Dec. 31, so the less we have, the less taxes we pay. But I figured only a few people would come in, and I took the day off. The store called my parents and they called my brother Keith, an L.A. cinematographer who also makes our commercials. He was here on vacation. He came to my house and banged on my door. We had 500 people at the store that day, and now we get over 1,000 people for that day-after-Christmas sale.

A: It has been looser than the Wild West. There has been an epidemic of houses being burglarized for jewelry, and these kinds of crimes dampen a healthy jewelry industry. The easiest way to convert stolen gold into money is to sell it 20 minutes later to a gold buyer who asks no questions. But the city of Houston has passed a new ordinance that goes into effect April 1. Gold buyers will be required to obtain information from sellers and submit it electronically. If they don't, they'll be subject to fine or arrest.

Houston Numismatic Exchange is among the best-known coin shops in the city. They specialize in rare and ancient coins, and also carry a wide selection of paper currency, U.S. coins, and bullion. Houston Numismatic Exchange also buys and sells jewelry, including a unique selection of jewelry made using coins. Established in 1965, this is one of the oldest gold and silver dealers in Texas. They purchase and sell all major types of gold and silver bullion, including rounds, bars, and coins, and carry a large, ever-changing selection at reasonable prices. The shop is designed for browsing and welcomes new and experienced investors alike.

This Houston coin shop specializes in collectible coins, including proof and mint sets and graded coins. They carry a particularly wide selection of Republic of Texas and Confederate currency. Royal Coin and Jewelry deals in gold and silver bullion and precious metal scrap, including jewelry and flatware. Much of their inventory can be found on their website, though their in-store inventory is much larger. Royal Coin and Jewelry offers free verbal appraisals, and is also an authorized seller of Tesoro metal detectors, for collectors who prefer to find their coins in the ground. 041b061a72


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