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Soccer Super Quiz: Test Your Football Knowledge and Win Prizes

Rory Smith is the chief soccer correspondent, based in Manchester, England. He covers all aspects of European soccer and has reported from three World Cups, the Olympics, and numerous European tournaments. @RorySmith

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Money, glamour, intrigue, cries of betrayal between those once thought to be close. No, we're not talking about secrets spilled in a certain royal memoir. We're talking about the struggle over who will get to stage some of the most watched sports events in the world. That would be soccer, or football to the rest of the world, and, most specifically, the Champions League, an annual event that draws more worldwide viewers than the Super Bowl, NBA Finals and World Series combined. That tournament is organized by the Union of European Football Association, or UEFA, a league of some 200-plus clubs that includes everybody from international superstars to those little known outside their home clubs.

But if you remember, back in April 2021 - and if you're a soccer fan, how can you forget - the owners of the very biggest clubs announced they would try to form a so-called Super League, where only the very best clubs and the very best players would be competing every week. But that was a direct challenge to the Champions League and, even more so, to the tens of millions of avid fans who saw the upstart league as a money grab and a threat to the egalitarianism of the sport where upsets, although rare, do happen. The fury of fans came so fast and so loud that the plans fell apart, or did they?

And so American sports investors have seen that money. They've seen the opportunity. They've seen this startling eyeballs on football, which is really the true global megaphone. They've started to buy teams, almost en masse. And the Super League was their effort to take the Champions League - the best, the biggest, the greatest football tournament at the club level - and eliminate any of the uncertainty, essentially say no one can get into this anymore, apart from the world's biggest super clubs. We will get in automatically every year.

Founded in 1999, Super Y is a nation-wide youth summer league operated by the United Soccer League (USL), which is the largest organization of elite soccer leagues in North America. Affiliated with US Soccer, the Super Y League contains the youth academies of Major League Soccer clubs, USL PRO clubs, Premier Development League and W-League clubs. Divisions within Super Y are organized geographically, and membership in the league is limited to only a few elite programs to ensure strong competition. The Super Y League also has its own ODP Identification Program that has opened countless doors for players to be identified for U.S. National Team Programs. The Super Y League provides a valuable platform for the most committed players to have the opportunity to continue to develop their play during the summer months.

Strip away all the posturing, the disastrous initial rollout, the fact that the solution to any and all of soccer's problems -- according to the Florentino Perezes and Andrea Agnellis of the world, anyway -- is "Give us everything we want and it will save the sport." Strip away the disingenuous "Young people are losing interest in the sport and everything is going to fall apart unless we act [therefore, give us everything we want, as we said earlier]" add-ons.

The former is understandable. No league has ever financially dominated the soccer universe like the Premier League is at the moment -- something we're consistently reminded of -- and it is warping the flow of talent throughout Europe in the process. The Premier League did a better job of branding and expanding into other markets, it has a significant advantage with the English language, and it has certainly shown what we'll call a more ruthless attitude toward encouraging foreign investment.

Regarding the latter, UEFA should be ripe for a challenge -- in theory, anyway. The increasing inequality in European soccer came about under UEFA's watch, after all. Inexcusable event control issues, too. Instead, outside of Madrid, Barcelona and Turin, it feels like the Super League boasts about a 3% approval rating.

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"UEFA, but, like, totally different" has yet to win many hearts and minds as a primary selling point. But with pronounced inequality issues within European soccer, and with the obvious understanding that improvements are needed, let's suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend the Super Leaguers indeed have the needs of the sport at heart. While we don't know the specifics of the competition they recently proposed through A22, we know enough to sketch out how it might work.

This is ... fine, I guess? The 14-match guarantee certainly assures extra gate revenue for everyone, which, paired with healthy solidarity payments -- which UEFA itself could have engineered at any time (if not for the fact that a lot of the clubs that would want to have influence in a Super League have rejected it) -- could prop up leagues in second-tier soccer countries. But this almost entirely removes the possibility of a random, Club Brugge-style, short-term run of high-impact results. It also results in fewer teams having a chance at European competitions at all, and it would likely assure that we are looking at a lot of mostly meaningless matches late in the Super League season. It takes the proposed "Swiss Model" that, at the behest of Europe's biggest clubs, will be applied to future UEFA competitions and expands maybe the shakiest part of it. (And it does so while professing to promote player health.)

Soccer Super Star is a mobile app designed for kids who love soccer. It is a virtual world where players can create their own soccer team, train their players, compete in matches and tournaments, and engage in social activities such as chatting and friend-making. The app is free to download and play, but players can purchase in-app items such as special soccer balls, premium equipment, and exclusive clothing to enhance their gaming experience.

STA, in conjunction with Morris United and Mount Olive, are pleased to offer a FREE program for Girls and Boys born in 2018, 2017 and 2016 as an introduction to the beautiful game of soccer. As of 2021 Fall season, we now offer a Saturday program for all U5 players at the Morris United location!

During the STA practices, players are taught fundamental soccer skills and then put into small sided (2v2, 3v3, 4v4) games to find their own way to use them on the field. While traditional recreation programs play 6v6 or 8v8, fewer players on the field ensures each player gets more touches on the ball, and plays a bigger part of the game. Coaches will follow a curriculum so players are learning new skills each week within small sided games. With a player centered environment, coaches allow players the opportunity to experiment, try things, and make their own decisions. There are also no referees, and players keep score (or not), with an emphasis on trying new skills rather than winning. In addition, parents and supporters are kept back from the side of the field to create less of a gallery feel.

Now imagine if there were just the top Champions Leagues clubs in a league of their own. The name recognition up ans down the top clubs in the Champions League is already high. Imagine what it would be like if they were only playing each other. The dirty word across European soccer, marketing, would see the true potential of local soccer clubs as global brands. All the halfway efforts would look silly compared to what the global market would happily bear.

On April 18, twelve of the top European soccer clubs confirmed that they planned to form a new and separate league called the Super League. These twelve teams consisted of AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Atlético Madrid, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Internazionale Milano, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid CF and Tottenham Hotspur. The teams invited to the Super League were selected because of the revenue they produce. Notably missing from the list are Paris Saint-Germain FC and FC Bayern Munich, both of whom declined the opportunity to join.

It is unfair for the top teams to accumulate so much money without giving lower teams the proper opportunities to improve. With the Super League, soccer would become a sport that supports the wealthy, and thus go against the true values of the sport.

In this sports game, you get to enjoy the thrill of football. The game control is super easy to learn. With just the click of your fingers, you can curve the ball past the walls of defenders to score a goal. However, as you progress, it becomes more challenging. You would need a proper strategy to help you make passes and split defenses. To help boost your team to glory, you can unlock several real star soccer players.

Looking back, it seems obvious that the Super League was doomed on arrival. No one reading the proverbial room in 2021 would conclude that the tail end of a devastating pandemic was a perfect time for globe-trotting billionaires to demand a bigger slice of the international soccer money pie, particularly in a way that jeopardized existing leagues and the grassroots game across Europe.

Globalization has accelerated since the latter half of the 20th century, making sport a key cultural import. Whether it was a Michael Jordan sneaker or simply a ball and net that helped new communities discover soccer, the United States gave and received sport along with many nations around the world.


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