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RS Email Extractor V1.1 Portable - Al Bahri FTK : powered by Doodlekit

the program will extract all email addresses from any of the archives following these naming conventions:

RS Email Extractor v1.1 Portable

  • archive name:

  • archive name:

  • archive name:

  • archive name:

  • archive name:

this tool is not for stripping or extracting email addresses from the inbox. for that, try however, rs extractor will extract all the email addresses from the deleted items folder in outlook and from the sent items folder in outlook express, oe, and oe6.

also, because rs extractor is a "pay per use" tool, you can use it without downloading the program. however, your results will vary based on the number of threads in your mailbox. the number of threads will also depend on the size of your mailbox and the number of messages in your archive.

  • rs email extractor is a program that allows you to extract email addresses from a text file. you can extract email addresses from all of the following formats: smtp

  • smtp-a

  • imap-a

  • imap-l

  • http

  • http-b

  • html

  • html-a

  • html-l

  • html-b

  • url

  • url-a

  • url-l

  • xml

  • xml-a

  • xml-l

  • the cli requires the following parameters: the file name of the text file or the name of the other file to extract email addresses from.

  • the type of file you wish to extract from.

  • the email address to search for.

  • the level of string search to perform.

  • the program will not try to perform a search if it doesn't find an email address.


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