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Kotor 2 Disciple Influence REPACK

InfluenceKeeping T3 on your side involves speaking kindly to him. This will usually entail choosing the lighter side of a conversation. If you are looking to be evil, abuse T3 at every opportunity. He can even be sold for scrap on Nar Shaddaa, although he will return later in the game. If you gain enough influence with T3 you will have the option to permanently upgrade his capabilities. This will also depend on your computer, intelligence, and repair skills. You can upgrade him a total of four times. The last time will give you the ability to heal droids through the force.

Kotor 2 Disciple Influence

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InfluenceAtton can be trained in the ways of a Jedi Sentinel if you play your cards right. In order to accomplish this you must go to the refugee section on Nar Shaddaa without Atton. Two Twi'leks will approach you and give you information regarding Atton's past. Return to the ship and question Atton on the subject. If you have sufficient influence with him he will confess to his shady past and ask to be trained as a Jedi.

This old friend served in the Mandalorian Wars with you. He has impressive skills with computers and as he gains in levels he will upgrade any droids that have joined your team. He can also give you an infinite number of shields if you have influence over him. Use his shield breaker technique to break through the annoying barriers that enemies will sometimes put up.

InfluenceBao-Dur can also be trained as a Jedi Guardian. You must have considerable influence over him and he will bring up a new line of conversation. He will voice his luck with being reunited with you and begin training.

InfluenceGaining influence with HK-47 is a relatively simple procedure. Just act as evil as possible when he is on your team and he will develop beaming admiration for the depraved quality of your personality.

InfluenceDeveloping your influence over Visas Marr often requires using light side responses. You should speak about stopping her former master and saving her from the trappings of the dark side. Once you have gained enough influence over her, ask her about the blindness of her people. A conversation thread will appear that asks her how she sees through the force and she will teach you the Force Site technique. This can be used to see through walls and gives a bonus to your force points and experience.

InfluenceIn order to gain respect from Hanharr you are going to have to take command over him. Choose whatever conversation options seem the harshest and you will accrue small amounts of influence with the creature. Some of these responses include:

"They were strong enough to cage you - as it should be""If you think such deaths bother me, they do not""If Mira spared your life, it was more likely to humiliate you before others than mercy"Once you gain enough influence over him, Hanharr will give up his life debt and become a true team player. For this to happen you must first talk to Kreia and have her reveal why Hanharr has joined the group.

InfluenceIn order to gain influence over Mira you must remark that she seems to be more comfortable on your ship. Then you must speak to her directly after meeting the Twin Suns on Nar Shaddaa. Training Mira to become a Jedi is only semi-useful because she is best suited to ranged attacks with grenades and rifles.

InfluenceDuring your conversations with the droid you can immediately lose influence by insulting his capabilities. Make sure to praise the droid's skills so he will become more trusting. He will also be pleased by any opinions that are in favor of a strong republic, whether these are light or dark comments. G0-T0 can offer you a bonus quest if you ask him how you can save the republic. Take the light side on the main quests on Dantooine and Onderon and speak to him afterwards and he will reward you with 4,000 credits. Once you complete the Nar Shaddaa quests and have influence over the droid, you can reveal his true base of operations.

I've finished the game on Lightside as a male (without making any of my party into Jedi for some reason; apparently I was just one conversation away on most of 'em, and had enough influence, but just never followed through... grrr...). Now I'm playing it through on Darkside as a female just to see the differences. And, yes, I feel very, very guilty... (That poor dancer; I keep collecting her tips just for fun. I don't really need the money. I'm just so... so... bad...)

Gain or lose a ton of influence and you can convert them. Never played female so I don't know, but perhaps that's how you influence him, or just keep him around a little longer to see if you can get another point or so on his "kiss his ass" sheet?

That only leaves Onderon & Dxun left to gain influence with Disciple. Has anyone found a spot to kick Disciple up a notch on this final world for me? Remember, I'm playing Darkside this time. (And he's showing up as pretty evil already... he just won't let me train him, and he won't tell me what his beef is with the Jedi; both return "[failure]" notices in the conversation still.)

I found Disciple to be the easiest to turn into a Jedi my first time around. I didn't even have to take him out and about in my party, I just ran through his dialogue tree. I was a goody-two-shoed light sider in my female game, so maybe that had something to do with it? If he's in your party when you first get Visas, he'll be the one you talk to and you get influence if you say the "I didn't mean to hurt her" bit. But he's a naive little boy who likes sweet little girls, so the options in the dialogue tree are pretty obvious. He never did tell me what his problem with the Jedi was, though.

I, too, found that I turned Disciple into a Jedi without even trying in my first play through, as a horridly light-sided goody-two-shoes. When I play as a darkside female I just cannot turn him at all no matter how much influence I have. By the same token, turning the Handmaiden seems very difficult as a darkside male so perhaps there's an alignment conditional on their ability to be Jedized.

I've played through the game twice so far, LS then DS, both times as a female Exile, picked up Disciple immediately after Telos in both games, and Jedified him on both paths(the DS Jedi training dialog is far more interesting). I'm currently on a third game, am considerably dark and I haven't even met Atris yet, so we'll see about the influence loss you seem to get when meeting Disciple. I can't be sure if you lose any there when DS, as I was neutral at that point, and didn't put him in my active party (or speak to him) until after getting Mira on my second planet, Nar Shadda.

As for the rest of your post: you're pretty much dead-on about losing influence with Disciple if you're DS, Scott. In some situations you lose no matter what you say to him. A tip is to just hold off going DS (remaining mostly neutral/slightly DS) until you've completed most of Disciple's dialog tree, do some evil junk, THEN train him to avoid losing too much influence. If you do this, then even with the below, you should still be able to train him. If not, a single good deed should be enough to make him budge.

But yeah, here's an example of influence loss: The typical "OMG, what happened to your face/you're falling to the darkside, blah blah blah" dialog you get with all the characters as you move closer to the darkside isn't so typical with Disciple. He has deified the Exile and views her as a heroine; to see her in a state that contradicts everything he believes to be true crushes his perceptions of her and makes him doubt, thus a loss of influence. You can even gain DS points at the same time despite not threatening/insulting him! Regardless, in both runs through the game, I still managed to Jedifie him, and he was even further down the alignment bar than I was, nearly maxed out. Creepy.

Anyway, here are some possible and sure places to gain influence or avoid losing any, though naturally, you'll need to bite the bullet and accept LS points for the former. If you already know of these, then I'm sorry I proved so useless. BTW, I've noticed that if you're shooting for dialog from a particular character, it's best to have him/her/it in the second party slot, next to the Exile, or just have him/her/it the only person with you. This is to make sure another character's dialog doesn't overlap, as some seem to take priority over the others. Sometimes BOTH characters respond, but... not always.

I had a problem my second time through when I think I made him a Jedi before finishing a piece of dialogue (Something about why he didn't like the Jedi.) Even through I'd maxed out my influence with Disciple (I saw cutscenes after I did nice things with Disciple in the party and he said "wow that was really nice of you" I still wouldn't get any more influence with him) I never did a success to hear that dialogue, so watch out for that.

I'm inclined to believe such is the case for you, as I've also missed getting the "what's your problem with the jedi" dialog in BOTH playthroughs... (I couldn't gain more influence, couldn't get that dialog, but was able to make him a Jedi. Ergh.) and it infuriates me. I love dialog, and thus have to read/hear everything in a game or a part of my brain implodes. So... just try to remember to exit before asking him anything else.

...Of course, there's always the possibility that to get it, you have to lose (why would the option be there, though?) enough influence with him... if so, GAH! It would make sense, though... I suppose. He does say he doesn't wish to trouble you with his problems, so maybe he'd give in if he thought less of you. Then again, it could very well be a bug. The alloted influence you're allowed to gain with Disciple seems to be a lot less than, say, Atton. Atleast, that's what I've noticed. Heck, it could even be due to the "rival" thing with Atton and Disciple--if you gain too much with either or, you can't gain enough to get all the dialog paths with the other, maybe? By the time I hit Dantooine both times, I had a good bit of influence with Atton. I'm going to try doing the opposite and see what happens.


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