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Married With Children - Season 3 !!TOP!!

With that in mind, it's really not surprising that at some point Married with Children would push the envelope too far even for FOX, and produce an episode they didn't want to air. That happened during season 3, but the decision was also influenced by several ancillary factors.

Married With Children - Season 3


"I'll See You in Court" was supposed to air as episode 10 of Married with Children season 3, with a planned air date of February 19, 1989. The episode's plot saw Al and Peggy try to spice up their marriage by having sex in a new location, in this case a hotel called the Hop-On Inn. Despite the inviting name, the hotel isn't trustworthy, as the Bundys discover a tape which turns out to be of their neighbors Steve and Marcy having sex, who had secretly been recorded when they were at the hotel. Al and Peggy find this funny until it turns out they were also recorded while in flagrante delicto. The two couples then take the hotel to court, looking to win a large monetary settlement.

"This season, I actually work with Christina. When I was on last season, I was Linda Cardellini's mom and you just saw me in prison," she shares while giving ET an exclusive tour of her home. "In fact, Christina called me up, I was just over at her house a couple of weeks ago, and we were so excited."

"For whatever reason, coupled with the fact that we aired not at the regular television time, we aired later, I think it was when the world started to open up, maybe people weren't watching television as much," she expresses. "And for whatever reason that decision was made. But we were as a cast really surprised. We thought that for sure this was gonna continue on to a second season."

  • Tropes Brick Joke: As payback on Miss de Groot for all the grief and pain she's caused him over a span of many decades, Al steals her sugar bowl and goes to pour it in the gas tank of her car, which he promised to do in the flashback of his childhood dealing with Miss de Groot.

  • Bullying a Dragon: Al constantly bullies Miss de Groot with petty insults, especially regarding how fat she is.

  • Comically Small Bribe: Al tried bribing Miss de Groot into forgiving his library dues with a donut. It doubles as a bonus for Al since it's another jab at Groot for her obesity.

  • Disproportionate Retribution: Simply for failing to return a library book in time, Al is treated as a felon which is odd since library books are public non-rival goods and the book Al borrowed was in no danger of going out of print. He's also accused of trying to kill a librarian when all he did was slide a ladder she had one foot on.

  • Even the Dog Is Ashamed: After Al ends up busted at the library and the shamed family wears paper bags, Buck is seem sporting his own bag.

  • Evil Versus Evil: Al Bundy the weight-shaming, lower-class bully vs. Miss de Groot, a Fat Bastard classist who condemns the poor (or at least Al) to eternal suffering.

  • Extremely Overdue Library Book: The Little Engine That Could, which Al had since 1957.

  • Hypocrite: Steve entices Al to return the book anyways assuring him that Miss de Groot is probably dead because, "No one can eat that much sugar and live"note which, considering that diabetes exists, is true in real life, but not on this show. Later on, when Al gets caught and humiliated for what he's done, Steve tells Al, "Weren't my property values low enough?" Miss de Groot works in a library, despite being discriminatory against anyone who is poor and wants to read. She also calls Al a loser when she bullied a little kid and wasted most of her life working at the library just so she can get revenge on Al for not returning the book.

  • Kick the Dog: During the news report where Al is busted, as if the video wasn't bad enough, the reporter covering the story calls him a piece of garbage.

  • Person as Verb: "Hey, man! Don't Bundy that book!"

  • Scary Librarian: Miss de Groot.

  • Social Darwinism: Miss de Groot has harsh prejudice against the students at her school who don't have any money to pay for books and so have to borrow them from a library. She thinks poor people don't deserve material goods.

  • Sweet Tooth: It appears that Miss de Groot has a sugar addiction.

  • You Are Fat: Al hurls these at Miss de Groot, who in turn hurls "You are poor" insults at him.

  • You Look Familiar: The little boy who played Al as a child (Edan Gross, according to the end credits) was also one of the neighborhood kids who wanted to know if Santa was okay on season two's "You Better Watch Out".

4. Prince Alfred Ernest AlbertThe prince also married into the Russian royal bloodline in his union with Grand Duchess Marie, daughter of Czar Alexander II. His descendants went on to be part of the Romanian royal family.

6. Princess Louise Caroline AlbertaPrincess Louise married a commoner back when it was uncommon. In 1871, she married John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, with the approval of her mother and support of the British people. Campbell later became the Governor General of Canada. the province of Alberta, and its famous Lake Louise, are both named for the princess.

Alice and Ludwig had seven children. Daughter Alexandra tied her fortunes to the ill-fated Romanov family when she married Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia under Romanov rule. She was executed by the communists in 1918.

Since this scene takes place during Season 9, Episode 10, "Dud Bowl," by this point fans had almost a decade of experience with the show's flipflopping between surprising sensitivity and rigid views on anything that strayed from heteronormative behavior. The aforementioned bra shopping scene includes a huge laugh at the idea of men being married to each other, and while a gay man tries on a tiara, Al remarks, "And they wonder why we call them queens." As archaic as these jokes seem today, they're pretty tame compared to the show's treatment of a post-op trans woman.

Sagal says that Peggy was initially written as a slothful couch-potato type and there were concerns that this would affect her music career. She also didn't know that "Married with Children," the first original sitcom to ever air on Fox, would become a breakout hit and stay on the airwaves for 11 seasons.

Waddell and Bass, who met "during season three of Bachelor in Paradise and were the only couple from the season to stay together," were recently married in Mexico, E! News reports. "The new husband and wife exchanged vows during a beachside ceremony in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico officiated by none other than Bachelor host Chris Harrison." And obviously, the couple is on track to multiply their happiness as they welcome their first child together, due this February.

In a statement to E! News, Bass said, "We are so excited to welcome this new addition to our family. We wanted to start having children quickly.....and mission accomplished." Clearly, Waddell and Bass are proving all the haters wrong with their joy and love, and now they'll be able to do so with an adorable baby. 041b061a72


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