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[S5E4] A Taste Of Free ^NEW^dom

"A Taste of Freedom" is the fifth episode in the fourth season of the American animated television series Futurama. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 22, 2002. The episode was directed by James Purdum and written by Eric Horsted. The plot centers on Zoidberg's experience with the concept of freedom on Earth.

[S5E4] A Taste of Freedom

The crew celebrates Freedom Day, a day where one can do anything they want, regardless of the consequences. Dr. Zoidberg seems passionate about the holiday, as he loves the idea of freedom, something he did not have on his home planet Decapod 10. At the big Freedom Day celebration in Washington, D.C., Earth President Richard Nixon's head unveils the Earth flag, the "Old Freebie", to celebrate the spirit of the holiday but the flag is eaten by Zoidberg. Zoidberg feels this is an expression of his freedom on Freedom Day; however, the rest of the crowd sees him as a traitor. Zoidberg is chased around town and takes cover in his planet's embassy.

While celebrating Freedom Day, a day where you can do anything you want without suffering any consequences, such as being naked in public or hitting someone, Zoidberg expresses his love for freedom by eating the Earthican flag. Unfortunately, this causes the Earthicans to think he's a traitor and they try to kill him. This sets off a movement to prosecute him as he flees to a Decapodian embassy. Ambassador Moivin promises the full support of the government. However, they are unable to give him marshmallows in his cocoa, a fact which seriously enrages Zoidberg.

Claiming that the Earthicans don't know the true meaning of freedom, the Decapodians force them to build a mobile oppression palace to cut occupation costs as the other warships depart. The Planet Express Crew decide to stage an uprising and attempt to blow it up. They go to an old war museum and steal a heat-seeking missile. Unfortunately, the palace is "cold-blooded", so their missile can't target it. Zoidberg has a change of heart after the MOP crushes Old Man Waterfall to death and sets a nearby flag on fire, much to the Earthicans' shock. However, Zoidberg says that he is doing it to preserve the freedom it represents, and tosses the flaming flag at the MOP, allowing the heat-seeking missile to destroy it. Zoidberg is hailed as a hero and exonerated of all charges. He is allowed to take a bite out of the new Earthican flag and raises it up on the flagpole.

When Zoidberg publicly devours an Earth flag, he is sentenced to death for his anarchic behavior. Before the sentence can be carried out, the Decapodians come to Zoidberg's aid by invading Earth, teaching the populace the true meaning of freedom.

When Zoidberg publicly devours an Earth flag, he is sentenced to death for his anarchic behavior. Before the sentence can be carried out, the Decapodians come to Zoidberg's aid by invading Earth, teaching the populace the true meaning of freedom. Air Date : 22nd-Dec-2002

When Zoidberg publicly devours an Earth flag, he is sentenced to death for his anarchic behavior. Before the sentence can be carried out, the Decapodians come to Zoidberg's aid by invading Earth, teaching the populace the true meaning of freedom. Air Date : 22nd-Dec-2002 Read More

After getting arrested and spending the night in jail for aggravated assault, Beth calls Jamie to help get her out of the precarious situation she got herself into in the first place. Though one can argue Beth was within reason to give the woman (from California, apparently) who was openly flirting with her husband, Rip (Cole Hauser), a taste of her own medicine, the fact is, it puts the Dutton family -- namely her father (Kevin Costner), the governor of Montana -- in a very difficult position.

When Summer gets out of prison, she reunites with John -- their relationship still continuing to toe that blurry line of professional and inappropriate -- as he was waiting for her in a SUV right outside the gates. "What took you so long?" she asks with a smirk. Her freedom, he reveals, isn't without strings. A supervised release for six weeks and, ahem, she'll be overseen by him. (We'll see how that goes.) John tells her he needs to know how she thinks as an environmental activist and during this period, she'll be staying at the ranch, which drudges up past tensions between Summer and Beth.

ahead. no. I, that's the same stuff that was passed on the west coast. San Francisco was notorious for it back in, its in its history. Absolutely. before we became this beautiful liberal hub. our history is very checkered with that stuff. what's not good. but like I said, it's, there's a difference between where I'm, let's say I'm having a discussion with a friend. We can still be friends, but we're arguing over, the ch I don't know them adding the new charges for the roads here in, in the Bay area to charging my fast track. There's a little, now they're gonna be putting feeds as you drive into the carpool lane. That's a difference of opinion if you are a commuter but we can still be friends. Yeah. The difference is we're talking about another human. Yes. Putting all these special regulations and restrictions on another human obtaining their right as an American. To liberty, to freedom to owning a property. That's what the, that's the issue here. And I think that's a huge separation. That's a

Yeah. call it what it is. It's all, this is all bullshit. We all know it is. like I said, it's eventually they'll get off of the trans people. They're gonna move on to something different. I'm curious what it is I remember about 20 years ago was all about the Muslims. They, yeah. All the anti-Islamic bills that they were passing left and right in the act in for the name of freedom.

let's see. I have a couple more stories for you. Oh, and one of them will actually, both of them will be very good segueway. Into our next topic. So Czech footballer, Jakob Jankto, I hope I said his name comes out as gay. I no longer want to hide. So the Czech Republics, Jakob Jankto has made history as the first current international in men's football to publicly come out as gay. The Star made his senior debut for the Czech Republic in 2017 and has scored four goals across 45 appearances in a now viral clip shared by the 27 year old on the 13th of February. So just a couple days ago from when this is being recorded. A week and a couple days from when you guys get this episode, he opened up about his sexuality publicly for the first time. The athlete explained that he wants to live his life in freedom without fear, without prejudice, without violence, but with love, just like everybody else. I am homosexual and I no longer want to hide myself.

Okay. I might have missed something. I thought it was, I thought it was tastefully done the way that she did. I like the stage. Yeah. The music, the dancing was good. I like the choreography for the most part. I was, she could only move. So she's pregnant.

During its fourth season, the series made perhaps its most important shift in perspective when June left Gilead. She escaped through Chicago and was accepted into Canada as a refugee. She was reunited with her husband Luke, and with her friend Moira (Samara Wiley), and with her daughter Nicole (the baby she had while she was a prisoner, whom she'd smuggled out successfully earlier in the story). In one of the best and simplest scenes of the series, June gave testimony at the trial of the Waterfords, who had been arrested and charged in Canada. With her freedom secured, one of June's objectives was achieved.

Andy gets a taste of fame in the local Sweeney Todd production, which, hilariously, Michael had auditioned for by re-enacting an entire episode of Law & Order. What pulls this episode up from the very bottom is a few tender moments with Dwight and Angela. She successfully gets his attention, then amid their...erm...copulation arrangement, she punches his legally mandated card despite not doing the deed. Still dating Gabe, Erin is clearly pining for Andy. Their falling apart runs parallel to Dwight and Angela but never feels so tender. (Sometimes you're just waiting for the right Plop to come along.)

Best Quote: "Yeah, she was with Roy, and I just couldn't take it. I mean, I lost it, Dwight. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't concentrate on anything. Even weird stuff, like food had no taste. So my solution was to move away. It was awful. It was something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, and that includes you." -Jim

Best Quote: "I am talking about freedom, about choice. America, I don't think you need to worry. Because if you want to beat China you will. If you don't, that's fine. That my friend, is your victory. You know, a lot of people say if you dig long enough and hard enough you will get to China, and that may be true, but what they don't tell you is that if you dig long enough and hard enough in a conversation, you get to a friend. So, here is to conversation." -Michael

Sergeant Jeffords: Not to talk out of turn, but I think I get credit for giving Jake the idea to propose.Jake: How's that?Sergeant Jeffords: Remember? That day in the kitchen. [flashback] So, what I'm saying is, vanilla yogurt is good, but pair it with a blueberry yogurt, and both of them taste even better. Get it?Jake: Yes?Jake: [present day] I did not get it, but speaking of yogurt, you've eaten six GPS devices this week. You should see a doctor.

Amy: What did you give fake Charles so he'd help you?Jake: Nothing. In fact, he gave me something, the power of financial freedom. I invested in a pyramid scheme. It's no time to go into it right now.

John Dutton continues to chafe against his role as Governor of Montana in Season 5 of Yellowstone in Episode 5, as he longs for the relative freedom he had as the head of the ranch before public service. He's also looking back on his life wistfully more and more, telling Rip that he's got one child he misses, one he pities, one he regrets and then Beth. 041b061a72


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