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What's With Andy - Season 2 (English DVD)

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The main production of the series moved to Canada in season 2, which was co-produced with the French studio SIP Animation (itself split from Saban Entertainment) and in association with German channel Super RTL. All the voice cast had to be replaced with this move with the exception of Andy Larkin's voice actor Ian James Corlett, as he was Canadian himself. As Saban Entertainment had by then been acquired by Disney, distribution of this season was handled by Disney subsidiary Buena Vista International Television.

The show was also released on DVD in other European countries, but only in the respective languages (i.e. without the original English audio). All of season 2 (and most of season 1) was released on DVD in Germany,[28] and the entirety of season 1 was released on 5 DVD volumes in Russia.[29]

Andy Griffith originally told Don Knotts that he only wanted to do the show for five years, so they both signed five-year contracts. During the fifth season, Knotts began looking for other work and signed a five-year deal with Universal Pictures. Griffith decided to continue with the series for three more years, and offered Knotts a new contract. Knotts, already bound by his contract with Universal, left the show.

Elinor Donahue decided not to return after the first season because she felt she had no on-screen chemistry with Andy Griffith. He later admitted that he had a hard time showing affection on-screen, and the relationship didn't appear real or believable. Griffith had no problem showing affection toward Aneta Corsaut. The two often flirted and went off together in private, even though Griffith was married at the time.

During most of the first season, a beauty shop is next to Floyd's Barber Shop, with a door in the common wall between them. The door is just to the left of the waiting chairs in the barber shop, with "Beauty Shop" printed on the glass. By the end of season one, the words were gone. In season two, the beauty shop was replaced with a TV repair shop, and the door appears for the last time in The Andy Griffith Show: The Clubmen (1961). Six weeks later in The Andy Griffith Show: The Manicurist (1962), the door is gone. No one ever used this door or ever commented on it in any episodes.

Starting with Season 6--the seasons without Barney Fife and filmed in color--the kitchen door in Andy's house has been moved. It used to be on the same wall as the sink. Now it's on the wall perpendicular to where it used to be.

A recurring gag in the early seasons of the series involved Andy and Barney reading a postcard/letter from a group of brothers called the "Eubacher Brothers" whom Andy and Barney had arrested and sent to prison. The gag involved the brothers writing from prison about their (humorous) experiences and sometimes sending Andy and Barney gifts they've made in the prison workshop. Each moment ends with Andy and Barney talking about taking a day off to go visit them in prison.

In season 2 episode 18 "Jailbreak" Barney tells Mr. Horton that Andy's address is 24 Elm Street. In season 3 episode 24 "Aunt Bee's Medicine Man" Aunt Bee tells Colonel Harvey their address is 332 Maple Road. In season 4 episode 16 Opie starts to burn their address on the house starting with a "3." In season 7 episode 15 Andy tells Dr. Thomas Petersen his address is 14 Maple.

The character of Andy Taylor changes drastically from roughly the first three or four into the rest of the series. In the early seasons, Andy was a friendly and folksy character who acted as the calm inside the storm of the hijinks going on around him. (Particularly as a contrast to Barney who is always panicking and overreacting.) However, by at least season four and onward (especially after the departure of Barney Fife), Andy becomes more serious and authoritarian. Oftentimes he's exploding with anger at whatever situation going on rather than being a calm and sensible person.

Now the show is back for a second season, tonight at 10. Though season 1 ended with Forrest punching out his producer Grant and quitting the show, season 2 opens with Forrest back on the job, eager as ever to be victimized by his own fans.

Another thing we've talked about before is the question of how much his wife knew about the show and how it was influencing his behavior. Now the show has aired, and in the new season, he's dating Allison Tolman, and being followed around with cameras everywhere. What understanding does she have of what the show is, if any, when she gets caught up in one of his reviews

Andy Daly: We just started talking about what are some requests Forrest would make of Grant to make the experience a little more survivable, having been through the horrors of season 1 This was one idea I thought we could have fun with, and that Grant would happily sign off on, because it has a little of a game show aspect to it. Forrest is now allowed to veto two reviews, if something is too dangerous or too illegal or would hurt somebody he cares about too much, he is able to throw two reviews back. Our attitude toward it is that Forrest would not do this lightly. This is a big deal for him. He would probably love to get through the whole season without ever deploying these vetoes. But it's important to know that he has them.

20th Century Fox released the series on home video in two phases in 2005; The first DVD was released on March 22, 2005 (one day after the third and final season began airing) and contained Chapters 1 through 20.[20] The second DVD was released on December 6, 2005 (the same day as the "family pack" DVD re-release of the original trilogy) and contained Chapters 21 through 25.[21] Chapters 1 and 8 were also included on a "Bonus Lightsaber Action DVD" that was packaged with Hasbro's Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader toy lightsabers.[22]

Volume 1 of Season 4 was viewed 287 million hours in just three days, making it Netflix's biggest premiere weekend. Soon, it became the streaming platform's third-most-popular English-language TV season ever - with 335 million hours of viewership from May 30 to June 5. It amassed over 781 million hours viewed as of June 14.

SpongeBob and Patrick excitedly race to Sandy's treedome to hang out with her. However, the entire dome has a metal cover over it and a "Keep Out" sign on the front door. In the entryway, they find a TV, which turns on, and plays a video of Sandy dressed for bed, and gobbling on loads of acorns. The recording of Sandy explains that she is hibernating for the winter, and asks for no one to disturb her, including SpongeBob as she said so explicitly at the end of the video recording. However, even though prohibited to do so, Patrick opens the door anyway to reveal that the dome's environment is completely covered with snow.

Then, SpongeBob and Patrick leave her room to continue playing in the snow. They pretend to be the outlaws from Sandy's dream, but then they start fighting over which one of them will play the part of being Dirty Dan. Their roughhousing causes Sandy's earmuffs to fall off, allowing her to hear all the noise, and she attacks them in further half-asleep fury. Being battered and bruised, with the winter storm growing more intense, SpongeBob and Patrick try to leave, but then they find that the door's frozen shut, leaving them trapped in the wintery treedome until spring. Some hours later, SpongeBob and Patrick are covered in snow and they start shivering.

Unable to escape or survive in the cold weather, SpongeBob tries to take a piece of bark from the tree, but the sleep talking Sandy, still thinking he is Pinhead Larry, threatens to put him in an iron lung. He takes it as a sign that he should put it back. They go into Sandy's room and, throwing caution to the wind, rip off all her fur. With their new fur-lined winter attire, SpongeBob proclaims that now they are ready for the "longest, coldest winter ever!" However, winter immediately comes to an end, and then Sandy wakes up with her winter pounds shed. Sandy sees SpongeBob and Patrick outside from her window and is excited to see them. She then comes out of her treehouse, and Sandy is initially surprised and confused to see SpongeBob and Patrick wearing her fur, but when she looks down at herself, she finds herself completely bald and becomes utterly livid at her friends. SpongeBob and Patrick then realize that ripping her fur off was not a good idea, and now they have to suffer the consequences.

To punish SpongeBob and Patrick for what they did, Sandy forbids them from leaving her home, and drinks lemonade with them, with their bodies tightly wrapped around her to provide her new spring coat to keep her warm until her fur grows back, to SpongeBob and Patrick's discomfort and dismay. 59ce067264


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