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Steel Beasts

Because of this, range estimation is more or less a matter of trial and error experience. At first it will seem impossible, but after some experience with the Sho't Kal it becomes possible, and with more experience you will be able to put accurate fire onto targets with ease. Like all such skills, practice and experience will directly determine how many rounds it will take to get "steel on target".

Steel Beasts

I love doing projects with sheet steel. I noticed I had a bunch of scrap pieces I didn't know what to do with. I was just going to recycle my pile of scrap, but it didn't quite feel right because some pieces were pretty large.

Introduced in 1988, the M2A2 is an up-armoured version of the M2A1 Bradley, itself a modification of the original M2 Bradley which entered service in 1981. The M2A2 upgrade included steel add-on armour in addition to the original aluminum armour (along with the ability to mount explosive reactive armor), an improved 600 horsepower engine, new transmission, a small bustle-rack on the turret rear, and Kevlar spall liners. The modeled M2A2 ODS (Operation Desert Shield) variant, is an upgrade of the Bradley based on lessons learned during the 1991 Gulf War. This version received a laser range finder and a new stowage configuration of the infantry with 2 benches to ease exit from the vehicle, along with some other minor modifications.

The T-72 auto-loader differs from the T-64 and T-80 basket auto-loader, in that it has both propellant and projectile stored horizontally. The carousel is in turn covered by the turret floor and a steel loading gate, reducing the chance of loaded rounds detonating from fire or spall, unlike the exposed upright charges on the T-64 and T-80.

The US 2000, KR 2000, and CN are all based on the US interceptor body armor (IBA) model, and the DE and DK are based on the infantrie der zukunft ("infantry of the future", IdZ) model. All other infantry types have only have fragmentation protection in the helmet and torso area, which represents FLAK vests and steel or kevlar helmet. Civilians and insurgents have no fragmentation or ballistic protection. See also Camouflage Schemes. 041b061a72


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