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Macroeconomics Theory and Policy by H.L. Ahuja: A Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Textbook

Macroeconomics Theory and Policy by H.L. Ahuja: A Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Textbook

If you are looking for a textbook that covers all the important theories and policies of macroeconomics, you might want to check out Macroeconomics Theory and Policy by H.L. Ahuja. This book is an exhaustive text for understanding all the relevant concepts and current developments in the subject. It traces the relevance of Keynesian theories to the developing economies and has critically examined the post-Keynesian developments.

The book is divided into six parts, each covering a major aspect of macroeconomics. The first part deals with the theory of income and employment, including the classical full-employment model, the Keynesian simple two-sector model, the aggregate demand-aggregate supply model, and the unemployment-full employment relationship. The second part discusses the IS-LM model, the inflation-unemployment tradeoff, and the recent developments in macroeconomics such as rational expectations, new Keynesian economics, and supply-side economics. The third part focuses on the monetary demand and supply, including the quantity theory of money, the Keynesian liquidity preference theory of interest, and the post-Keynesian theories of demand for money. The fourth part analyzes money, prices, and inflation, including the Friedman's modern quantity theory of money, monetarism and Keynesianism compared, and the causes, effects, and cure of inflation. The fifth part explores business cycles and macroeconomic policy, including the analysis of business cycles, Kaldor's and Goodwin's models of business cycles, monetarist and new classical rational expectations theories of business cycles, real business cycle theory, fiscal policy, and monetary policy. The sixth part examines international trade and finance, including the balance of payments, exchange rates, foreign exchange market intervention, international monetary system, open economy macroeconomics, and international policy coordination.

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The book is written in a clear and concise manner, with plenty of examples, diagrams, tables, and charts to illustrate the concepts. It also provides review questions, numerical problems, case studies, and references at the end of each chapter to help students test their understanding and apply their knowledge. The book is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of economics as well as for researchers and policymakers who want to learn more about macroeconomics.

Macroeconomics Theory and Policy by H.L. Ahuja is available in PDF format online. You can download it from various sources such as Google Books[^1^], OceanofPDF[^2^], or Sway Office[^3^]. However, please note that these sources may not be authorized or legal to distribute the book. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a copy of the book from a reputable bookstore or online retailer if you want to support the author and respect his intellectual property rights. 0efd9a6b88


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