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Nobody can describe the exact appearance of Couple Promise Rings as there isn't any one consistent design or shape. They're as diverse as their future owners, and the modern jewelry industry and artisans can provide the most creative and elegant designs in their precious holdings.

There are some tips to help you select the right style and size of engagement rings.

In general these rings are meant to be sleek and discreet and can be worn in a variety of ways, and shouldn't appear too extravagant to obstruct an engagement or wedding band. The rest is up to you. If you're thinking about which finger has the promise ring, this is what you must be aware of. There are also basic answers.


If the ring you are considering is large, such as an enormous solitaire diamond or another large stone in the form of a halo of small stones (think of the famous Duchess of Cambria's sapphire ring) Then a complimentary engagement ring may have smaller diamonds. A band with a starry diamond drop is beautiful on its own and is a great match with other rings.


These are the most versatile styles, and they are typically non-sexy and completely similar in a set, thus visibly signifying your connection to another person. You can pick from either a silver or gold band ring, or a bimetal band ring with yellow gold outer edges and white gold middle pieces. The only drawback is that these rings may be mistaken for wedding rings, so the promise ring finger should be distinct from the ring finger to avoid confusion.


This is a stylish and smart way to select a promise ring. If you are aware of the birthstone of your loved ones, zodiac stone, or lucky stone and they are spiritually connected, then you can purchase a ring that contains this stone. These are the normal stones, such as pearls, opals, moonstones, topaz, citrine, amethyst, and many more., and you can easily find a pretty engagement ring that is a small sample of this stone. The ring can have an additional meaning for the wearer, and she can inform people about what the ring that is on her hand symbolizes without divulging personal details.


A ring with a few sparkling stones appears as attractive as a diamond. However, this delicacy is more subtle than one stone and is more suitable for pairing with bigger and more striking rings. You can pick a cluster that looks like an individual stone until you're close to it, or a mix of dark and lighter stones that look like the appearance of a mosaic.


Signet rings are all the rage in recent times and continue to be popular. Choose a ring with smaller seal faces and you won't regret it.

Rings with heart-shaped ELEMENTS

Why not incorporate the heart into your engagement ring as symbol of love? It can be a heart-shaped ring, a heart-shaped faceplate, a tiny pendant, or even the band with a heart-shaped design on the front. In any case it is an original and fashionable piece.


Why not get an engraved ring, should you be able to afford it? It could be a design with a significance for both of you or a love-related phrase or the lyrics of songs - anything worth immortalizing and wearing on your finger.


The textured rings look fantastic when light is reflected from different angles. They can also be a nice alternative to the cut-off ones. The options are endless. It could be hammered or brushed metal. It can have patterns on it. Or, it could be faceted rings. These rings are unique and immediately draw attention. Therefore, choose a narrow band that doesn't make a very noticeable statement the moment you or your loved one arrives in the room.

Review and dispel 12 common myths and cliches about promise rings

Promise rings are the subject of almost as many myths and prejudices as wedding rings. We have collected the most frequently-cited myths and stereotypes to help you get over your discomfort.


This is not true. The significance of all symbols and gifts is irrelevant from this perspective because the wedding ring is not what signifies marriage. It's a ceremony and an entry into the registry book. A promise ring is a tangible representation of wedding vows. The promise ring that is placed on the finger signifies that you have got your partner's perspective right and she is ready to share her life with you.

PROMISE RINGS ARE CHILDISH. They aren't really serious.

There's nothing childish about them. Teenagers are also prone to fall in love, particularly if they are older and close to legal age. You can also buy yourself an engagement ring. These rings are a clear sign that you're planning to get married when the right time comes. It's not a joke, but it's an extremely viable alternative to engagement if engagement itself isn't (yet) an option.

PROMISE RINGS can bring unhappiness OR HARM THE COUPLE.

Nope. It's just like saying that engagement rings are bad luck, and nobody has attempted to make such a claim yet. Rings are temporary tokens of affection, and they also represent commitments. Absolutely nothing more and nothing less. If you're still cautious because of a reason, do not show the ring or tell anyone they shouldn't know about your wedding plans. Imagine learning the magic trick at a town-wide festival from an old wise Fortune Teller.

PROMISE RINGS, THAT ARE extremely UNCOOL and are just plain stupid.

Who says? Why? No, seriously, why? Who is the originator of this belief? What's wrong with a sincere promise to get married? The engagement ceremony along with the meticulously planned photo shoots and family gatherings is also a mistake in that perspective. So forget this harmful myth for ever.


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