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How to Install and Play Balance Ball on PC/Mac/Windows 7.8.10

how to play balance free download game : 1. first download balance free download game from the following link. 2. after downloading, install game on pc by using use key from that link. 3. once installed, run game and enjoy game play.

Balance Ball Game Free Download Full Version For Pc


items found in the game are power-ups that the player can use to gain extra points, extra balls, and extra time. for example, the player can use a "speed-up" power-up to make the ball travel twice as fast as it normally would. the player can also use items to make the ball bounce up and down a certain number of times, or bounce off the wall instead of hitting it. all the items are randomly dropped in the game, meaning that the player can't simply wait for the item to appear and use it.

to win a level, the player must fill the top of the screen with as many balls as possible without hitting the ceiling or other obstacles. if the player touches a ball, he or she loses that ball. two power-ups are available to help the player win levels. the first, a "time-up" power-up, allows the player to have the ball roll an extra ball every time it rolls over the game's clock. the second, a "bounce" power-up, allows the player to use the ball to bounce off the barriers on either side of the game's walls.

the game includes twelve levels of increasing difficulty, each with a different theme and number of balls. levels 1-6 are "classic" levels, featuring a single barrier at the bottom of the playing area and six balls in the middle of the playing area. levels 7-12 are "speedball" levels, featuring two barriers at the bottom of the playing area and eight balls in the middle of the playing area. the last four levels have a time limit, requiring the player to finish in a set amount of time. levels 1-12 can be played in any order.


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