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I Reincarnated In A Game World As A Tentacle Mo...

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I Reincarnated In A Game World As A Tentacle Mo...

When arriving back in Shanghai, Mo Fan tells ling ling the story of what happened at the parthenon and is immediately happy because when she isn't going on an adventure with mo fan, old bao requires her to go to school. She states that yan ji requires a strong source of fire to awaken yan ji from the fruit and that he is in luck. The master of the golden hunter group, the group that was slaugthered in mass on chongming island by salan's subordinates, is planning an expedition into an abandoned desert city with a nearby fire mountain and has been wanting to meet Mo Fan. She tells that they are going to need more than just the 2 of them so Mo Fan calls up mu nu jiao for support and has zhang xiou hou wait for them at the desert due to him being stationed at the other side of the country. At the airport, they are surprised to find that one of the hunters joining them on the mission is their old friend Jiang Shaoxu. She states that her brother dissapeared in the area and wants to take a look. On the plane, the veteran hunters of the golden hunter group question why some young guy along with 3 young women are coming with them and getting angry due to their arrogance. Mo Fan thinks that he has a point, as while the students have the international tournament, all the worlds hunters compete in the hunter games, something far more brutal and that hunting relies on experience more than cultivation. After getting of the plane near the desert, the veterans have reached their limit when they see that they are joined by someone who looks like they just left highschool, but when the pilots of the plane stand at attention and salute their superior officer zhang xio hou, the hunters are simply lost for words.

Arriving in Cairo, they get double rooms, mu bai shares with man yan and mo fan shares with Heidi. But as they both start cultivating, they see dark eyes inside their spiritual world and are all shook awake. Heidi goes to the next room and finds the place filled with prostitutes, with man yan and mu bia trying to get past the dark eyes too. They go downstairs to ask about it and the hunter tells them about medusa, how she was the first with curse magic and that she was sacrificed because of it. But for some reason or another, she was reincarnated in the stomach of another snake and since then, every female snake that was born from her could use some of her curse magic. The hunter identifies the particular curse they are suffering from as a hallucinogenic curse that will only get worse from now on. But then they are interrupted by the european students, who also have gotten the curse and mo fan realizes how big of a problem this is.

After the battle of FanXue Shan, Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan go to egypt to trade the shadow stone for Mu Bai's life and then goes to the Parthenon. On the way up, he runs into a festival at the foot of the temple. Where a large number of waitresses are dancing around a black clad Azeala. However, the ladies let a man into the scene and he puts a flower on the ear of Azeala and her dress suddenly turns white. One of the nearby waitresses that this is a ceremonial depiction of the Resurrection power of the Parthenon. But Mo Fan wonders who the man could be, since the Parthenon is known world wide for both their healing powers and their misandry. At a banquet the next night, the same man, who is identified as Tours, approaches Xin Xia, asking for a dance. Before Mo Fan gets angry, Xin Xia rejects him and reminds him of the etiquette that she learned in china, gentleman need to be respectful. Tours is now the one getting angry and Mo Fan now starts getting in between Xin Xia and Tours. Before the situation gets out of hand, one of the golden sun knights interrupts them. He states that they aren't allowed to fight here and that everyone else would prefer it if they were to settle it a different manner. Tours agrees and challenges Mo Fan to a sporting competitio


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